Seamless sharing of materials to stakeholders boosts cooperation and transparency

In today’s fast-paced digital world, effective collaboration and seamless sharing of materials are essential for companies to remain competitive. Digital Asset Management (DAM) -solutions have evolved into powerful tools for organizing and managing huge amounts of digital assets, but DAM solutions also offer an efficient way to distribute materials to stakeholders. What benefits does the seamless distribution of materials through DAM solution to different stakeholders bring?

Streamlined collaboration:

Whether it’s marketing materials, product images or brand guidelines, stakeholders can easily retrieve the materials they need from the DAM solution, eliminating the need for email messaging or time-consuming searching for materials. DAM solution promotes workflows, facilitates feedback and file review, and promotes cross-functional teamwork, which ultimately leads to faster completion of projects and improved productivity.

Stakeholder engagement:

When stakeholders have easy access to the necessary information and resources, they can participate more actively in decision-making processes. The DAM solution gives stakeholders the opportunity to view, comment and share materials, which facilitates effective communication and encourages participation.

Better data security and version control:

Sharing materials through the media bank ensures that stakeholders have access to the most up-to-date and approved materials. Mediapankki offers robust data security features, such as user rights and access control, which protect sensitive data and maintain file integrity.

Increasing transparency and accountability:

Stakeholders can track the use of materials, project progress and analyze engagement metrics. By providing real-time information on the use of materials, the organization can identify improvement opportunities and allocate resources efficiently.

Seamless integration with existing systems:

Digital asset management solutions can be seamlessly integrated into other business systems. By sharing files through a DAM solution, stakeholders can access assets directly from their familiar tools and workflows, eliminating the need for manual transfers or duplicate data entry. This integration streamlines processes, reduces errors and improves efficiency.


Did you know that ImageBank X makes it easy to share data with stakeholders? Via ImageBank X, files can be collected in a collection basket, the address of which can be copied or sent as a message to the desired persons directly from the ImageBank user interface. You can also create a collection from the collection basket, which you can save as a folder on the ImageBank homepage – it’s handy, for example, in campaign materials or creating your own brand guidelines. Alternatively, you can also forward individual files or categories as links, or send the collection basket as an image gallery link. The gallery can also be downloaded as a code to insert on a website.

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