Efficient material management with advanced search and filtering features

The amount of digital assets continues to grow exponentially, which makes effective digital asset management (DAM) vital for companies. Among the features offered by DAM solutions, a robust search and filtering function is a standout tool that significantly improves the DAM solution experience. What are the benefits of the DAM solution, which has advanced search and filtering features included?

Saves time and resources:

With DAM solution’s efficient search and filtering solution, you can quickly locate and search for certain assets in seconds. This significantly reduces the time spent searching for files in different storage locations.

Improves cooperation and communication:

A digital asset management solution equipped with efficient search and filtering features promotes seamless collaboration between team members. By creating custom collections and tagging assets with relevant metadata, team members can easily find and share files.

Facilitates the organization and accessibility of materials:

With the increase in digital materials, maintaining a well-organized and easily accessible asset library is vital. With powerful search and filtering, users can categorize materials using relevant tags, keywords and metadata. This ensures that the materials are easy to find, navigate and reuse. Centralizing and organizing assets creates a user-friendly experience.

Promotes compatibility and version control:

Adherence to brand guidelines and version control is essential for consistent branding and regulatory requirements. An DAM solution with advanced search and filtering features ensures that the team has access to approved brand materials, which reduces the risk of using outdated materials.

Provides important information about the use of materials:

An efficient DAM solution with advanced search and filtering features provides information on the efficiency and use of materials. By analyzing user interaction, download trends and the popularity of materials, you get valuable information related to marketing strategies and content optimization. Analytics help to make data-based decisions, target ads to specific audiences, and improve digital asset management.


Did you know that ImageBank X allows you to search for materials using, among other things, “and” and “or” terms, as well as filtering with tags, information in metadata fields, dates and file types? In addition to this, you can create a hierarchical category tree in ImageBank in accordance with user rights and list materials to be displayed in different views, which makes it easier to find materials and improves the user experience.

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