Integrating applications into a DAM solution via an API opens up many possibilities

The full potential of various Digital Asset Management (DAM) -solutions can be utilized when it is integrated with various systems using an API (Application Programming Interface). In this blog post, we go through the various advantages offered by the API and integrations for the user of DAM solution.

Enhanced collaboration and centralized access:

By integrating the DAM solution with different applications, a unified ecosystem can be created. The seamless connection between the systems via API guarantees that the users of the DAM solution have centralized access to digital materials, regardless of which platform they use. This ensures that all stakeholders have access to the latest materials.

Streamlined workflows and automation:

DAM solution’s integration with CMS platforms such as WordPress and TYPO3 enables users to directly access materials and embed materials into websites, blog posts and other online content. In addition, API-based integrations with systems that utilize artificial intelligence, such as Google Vision AI, enable automatic identification and metadata to be attached to materials, while integration with Akeneo PIM facilitates the management of product information. Utilizing all these platforms as part of a DAM solution facilitates the processing of digital materials and saves time.

More effective information security and login:

Ensuring the implementation of security in the DAM solution is of primary importance for organizations that handle sensitive and valuable digital materials. By integrating Active Directory (Azure AD) as part of DAM solution, login can be handled seamlessly using existing authentication systems. The integration ensures that only authorized users can access certain digital materials, which reduces the risk of data breaches and unauthorized use.

Real-time data synchronization:

API-based integrations offer real-time data synchronization, so that information between platforms in different connections is always up-to-date. For example, by integrating DAM solution with X-Archive, materials can be automatically synchronized and ensure that everyone has direct access to the latest digital materials.


Did you know that ImageBank X can be integrated into many different software systems? These include Active Directory (Azure AD, ADFS+SAML 2.0), WordPress, Typo3, Akeneo PIM, API (JSON), Google Vision AI, Dreambroker, X-Archive and Sharepoint. Soon ImageBank X can also be integrated with the following systems: Word, Powerpoint, Drupal and Youtube.

If ImageBank X with integrations is relevant for your organization, contact us and let’s find the most suitable solution for your needs!


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