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HEIC file – what it is and what is it useful for?

One of today’s innovations in digital asset management is HEIC (High Efficiency Image Format), a cutting-edge image file format designed to provide image reduction without compromising image quality.

HEIC uses advanced compression algorithms to reduce image size, allowing file sizes to be significantly reduced while preserving the original clarity and detail of the image.

One of the most significant features of the HEIC image file format is its inherent support for preview images. Preview images play an important role in the DAM solution, providing a quick preview of the images without the need to open the file. This support allows DAM users to enjoy faster browsing and thus more efficient management of their data.The benefits of HEIC’s support for preview images include:

  • Fast visual presentation: users can quickly identify and locate files
  • Improved user experience: previews make work more efficient by reducing the time spent searching for files
  • Optimized storage: thumbnails take up significantly less space than full-size images.

As the digital environment evolves, media banking solutions must adapt to new technologies and file formats – HEIC and other versatile file formats enhance the digital asset management experience.

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