Case Examples

We are proud of each of our customer solutions. Here are a few of them.

Comments from our customers

The fact that all the photos, videos, templates, posters etc. can be found on the same site is great. The Media Bank is easy to use. It's good that you can search for images using keywords or under defined categories. You can also share images and files with third parties, e.g. a communications agency, and save yourself from email clutter or the hassle and slowness of uploading large files to e.g. external sharing services

Maria Malila
Customer Marketing Director
ImageBank was the best value for money for our needs when we compared the different services. We wanted a solution that was light enough, but robust enough in terms of metadata.

Riikka Hänninen
A functioning media bank that is open to all helps, for example, food retailers to market their products, because they can freely retrieve our public product images from our image bank. The image packages we put together for the media have also helped us to promote our new products. Users are familiar with the shopping basket style of picking and sending images, and there is no need for separate training on how to use the image bank.
Johanna Kemppinen
Marketing Director