DAM solution for businesses and organisations

Store, process, manage and share digital assets in an agile way

ImageBank X Digital Asset Management System (DAM) offers a centralized solution for efficient management of your digital assets.

With its versatile hierarchical structure, this cloud-based software seamlessly adapts from single-site content management to supporting multiple brands and accommodating thousands of users.

This versatile solution serves a multitude of purposes, including acting as a distribution platform for product and company images, a brand portal for maintaining your organization’s visual identity, a secure file bank, an effective sales presentation tool, or a comprehensive graphic production repository

Company's own material and media bank

A secure and efficient tool for managing, storing and sharing digital assets. Organise your company’s images, videos, promotional material and documents. Set differentiated viewing, editing and downloading rights for staff, customers and stakeholders.

Organisation's brand portal

Publish graphic guidelines, colours, typography and other material in line with your brand strategy and distribute to your stakeholders as appropriate. This way, materials are in one place and can be accessed consistently, with the right content, in the right format and through the right channels.

Marketing & PR-tool

Collect the material, edit it using the system’s own Photo editor if needed, select the recipients and send a direct link to your media contacts. You can manage user download rights, create campaigns and track the success of your marketing with statistics.

Sales tool

Unify your sales and marketing departments seamlessly. By uploading the latest sales materials and presentations to ImageBank X DAM, your sales team stays consistently informed and can effortlessly access and distribute the most relevant documents.

ImageBank X

Comprehensive service and continuous product development

For over twenty years, we've been diligently enhancing our product while heeding our customers' feedback.

ImageBank X represents a holistic solution that empowers users to concentrate on their priorities. We handle all the rest, from maintaining ImageBank with cutting-edge platform technology, ensuring security, optimizing performance, and enhancing usability. Our ongoing service subscribers enjoy exclusive access to the latest ImageBank version.

Straightforward user experience

Modern, clear and
easy-to-use interface

ImageBank X has earned enthusiastic acclaim from customers for its user-friendliness, clarity, and visually appealing interface. ImageBank X is designed for ease of use, and its sleek user interface serves as an extension of your company's branding.

The platform is fully customizable to match your brand's unique identity, including your logo, color scheme, fonts, background images, and URL.

Time saving through automation

Intelligent workflows from production to distribution

In ImageBank X, many workflows are automated:

    • • Metadata suggestions. ImageBank automatically reads metadata from IPTC, Exif and XMP fields.
    • • Automatic image conversions to the specified size.
    • • Automatically generated landing pages
    • • AI suggests keywords for images based on image content
    • • Transfer window for stakeholders to upload files to workspace
    • • Scheduled publishing and archiving of data
Diverse integration options

ImageBank X as part of your IT infrastructure - publish files to your website, e-commerce or PIM.

ImageBank easily integrates into your system's interface through our REST API. Our team can facilitate or support the integration process. Explore our ready-to-use plugins as well.

Always available in the cloud

24/7 access anywhere, even on mobile.

Access ImageBank X seamlessly through a web browser, anytime and anywhere. Administrators can also manage content on mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, via their web browsers.

For added convenience, we offer a mobile app compatible with both Apple and Android devices. This app allows users, especially ImageBank Pro subscribers, to effortlessly capture and upload assets to ImageBank while on the move.

Notifications of important events

Stay up to date on events with the Notification Center

As an administrator in ImageBank, you will receive notifications related to files, comments, registered users, new features, transfer window, creative workspace activity and collection baskets.

Stay up to date with what's happening in your ImageBank and collaborate better with your work community and stakeholders.

Assets directly in your key applications

Adobe and Microsoft 365 integrations bring efficiency to your DAM

With Adobe and Microsoft 365 integrations, you can easily access, search and use digital assets stored in your ImageBank X directly from Adobe applications such as Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, and Microsoft 365 applications such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

Integrations ensure that the right assets are always easily available to you. Streamline collaboration, accelerate project timelines and reduce manual work with faster access to materials.
Access permissions to files quickly and easily

Consent tool to simplify the file access process

ImageBank includes Consent Tool that allows admins to send consent requests via email directly from ImageBank. Consent Tool makes it easy to access files, for example, when you need to license photos and videos of employees or stakeholders - the permission to use the file will appear directly in your ImageBank.
Consent Tool streamlines the file access process and ensures that privacy and GDPR data protection regulations are easily met.

Book a free 30-minute demo!

In the demo, we'll showcase the ImageBank X platform and explore how it aligns with your specific requirements.

ImageBank Features at Your Disposal Immediately

Our customers have provided exceptionally positive feedback on the user-friendly interface. Its ease of use and intuitive interface make it accessible and convenient for everyone, whether you're a basic user or a system administrator, regardless of time or location.


The service’s hierarchic category structure with subcategories can include a company’s internal as well as external material – visibility is limited with user rights. The application’s category structure can be built to completely fulfil your company’s needs.

User groups

The system allows you to control user groups and users as well give them rights for different content.

Mobile app

Our Android and iOS mobile app simplifies the process of adding photos and files, whether it's construction site snapshots or in-store pictures captured by sales representatives. Regardless of the source, our app seamlessly uploads them to ImageBank's cloud service, ensuring efficient organization and easy accessibility for all team members.

Uploading Files into the System

Files can be uploaded into the system one-by-one or in bulk. The file type doesn’t matter - it could be a photo, a text file, a PowerPoint presentation, or a video – the application will accept it all.


Utilizing the collection basket is straightforward: add the desired files, then share the link via email. The basket remains in the system for as long as you specify its lifecycle. Additionally, you have the option to present the basket either as a visual gallery or as embeddable code for your website.


Our system compiles valuable analytics on your ImageBank DAM usage, including statistics on file downloads, search queries, and basket downloads. With user tracking capabilities, you can monitor service utilization and fine-tune metadata to enhance user search experiences.

Metadata and Classifications

Metadata, key words, additional classifications and search phrases can be saved for files with the help of AI as well as manually which makes the application’s search function find the searched files smoothly. When you import photos to the media bank, DAM also reads and automatically imports the metadata saved in the photo, like Exif, IPTC and XMP.

Single Sign-On

Seamlessly accessing multiple systems and services is a breeze with our Single Sign-On (SSO) feature. Furthermore, ImageBank offers direct support for the Active Directory (Azure AD & Google SSO) Single Sign-On method.

Image Conversions

You have the flexibility to set general picture sizes within the system. When importing an original file, you can opt to automatically convert images to your pre-defined dimensions, simplifying the process to meet your preferences.

Language Versions

ImageBank's user interface can be easily customized to suit your specific language preferences, making it adaptable to any language you require for a user-friendly experience.

Photo Editor

ImageBank includes a high-powered photo editor that makes it possible for you to edit your pictures, change colour spaces, crop or make your pictures smaller, or change the resolution.

Limitless Integration

ImageBank comes ready with integrations, including compatibility with e.g. WordPress & Sharepoint. Moreover, we offer tailored features and integrations to meet your specific requirements. You can seamlessly integrate your ImageBank with various systems, such as web services, PDM systems, and enterprise resource planning systems.

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Frequently Asked

Product Features

Of course, and it is very common to do so. A user can upload one or more files either by dragging them into the application or by selecting them through the file manager. File metadata can also be added from a single view – this makes it easier to use e.g., when the uploaded images share some data. Copying metadata from one picture to another can also be done in the importing phase with just one click.

A user can download pictures however they wish, either one by one or by using the basket function. You can collect the desired number of files into the basket and combine them to a package, which can be downloaded directly from the basket or forwarded to an e-mail directly from the user interface. The basket can be also sent as a visual gallery in which the user can view the pictures instead of just downloading them.

Yes. One of the main features of our product is publishing user group specific contents. An administrator can define which part of the content can be shared publicly and which is limited to registered users.

Yes it is! The application does not limit file formats – material can be imported in any form to ImageBank.

For sure! For example, InDesign, Illustrator or Photoshop files can be shared either internally or alternatively, externally, e.g., to an advertising agency or a stakeholder collaboration.

Yes! ImageBank Independent offers an interface (API) for fetching files from the service, which websites can utilise. Media bank can also be integrated into your website.

You can also integrate your website into ImageBank with our ready-made WordPress add-on. The add-on allows you to easily upload up-to-date material to your site directly from your ImageBank.

Technical Functionality of the Product

We offer 500GB – 1TB of disk space depending on the service level. The disk space can be expanded up to several terabytes according to the contract. All our packages include a secure storage space located in Finland or a country of your choice. If needed, ImageBank can also be installed as an on-premises solution on the customer’s own server.

Daily backup copies are made of all the files in ImageBank, and they are kept at least for 30 days or according to contract.

We offer 500 GB – 1 TB of disk space depending on the service level. The disk space can be expanded up to several terabytes according to contract.

Deployment of the Product

The customer can deliver existing files either as a file dump, via FTP or on an external drive. Possible image metadata is delivered to us in Excel format.

Deployment and onboarding of ImageBank is a light and quick process. Your ImageBank is installed, customized and ready to use within a couple of weeks from the procurement decision.

The deployment plan defines the user groups, category structure, and extent of metadata according to the client’s needs. In addition, brand-specific colours, fonts, logo files and background images are needed for deployment.