Caverion designs, implements, services and maintains user-friendly and energy-efficient technical solutions for real estate, industry and infrastructure in Northern, Central and Eastern Europe.

Caverion’s net sales in 2019 were approximately EUR 2.1 billion. Caverion is one of Europe’s leading providers of technical solutions for real estate and industry. Caverion has two business units: Projects and Services.

Caverion has approximately 16,000 employees in 11 countries of operation. Caverion is headquartered in Vantaa. Caverion’s share (CAV1V) is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki.

ImageBank DAM implemented for Caverion solves the management of communication materials – up-to-date files are easy to find and accessible to everyone. Azure AD (Active Directory) integration was implemented as a customized solution for Caverion. Single Sign-on improves system availability because employees don’t have to remember separate IDs. This also increases the utilization of material management software.

(Photo: Caverion)






ImageBank + AD integration