Helvar creates innovative and energy-saving lighting solutions and data-driven intelligent functions that optimise the conditions of a space for its users. With a wide range of advanced lighting solutions and lighting control components, Helvar is unrivalled when it comes to energy saving, comfort or the right ambience. From remote monitoring and maintenance to data-driven energy savings forecasting, Helvar’s range of services support buildings throughout their lifecycle.

Helvar chose ImageBank X for its DAM solution. Integration functionality was implemented as a customized solution for Helvar. It allows the product card of ImageBank to include the information required for the integration of different systems, which ImageBank provides through an interface. DAM contains integration-enriched material that is automatically read into the Helvar public web service. The files can be managed in ImageBank, but can also be automatically served to the Helvar website using the integration feature.

The Azure AD integration also allows access to the ImageBank for in-house staff without the need to log into a separate application.

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ImageBank + Azure AD + web service integration