Infinited Fiber Company is a fashion and textile technology company that aims to make the textile circularity a reality. Infinited Fiber’s groundbreaking technology transforms cellulosic materials such as used clothing, waste paperboard or even wheat or rice straw into high-quality Infinna ™ textile fiber that looks and feels soft and natural like cotton. Infinna™ is biodegradable and does not contain microplastics. Textiles made from it can be recycled in the same process together with cotton-containing textile waste.

ImageBank DAM implemented for Infinited Fiber solves their management of communication materials. The files stored and shared from ImageBank are always up-to-date and thus support the company’s brand, the communication and marketing of new technology and the Infinna™ product, and the promotion of sales in the best possible way. In addition to its own staff, Infinited Fiber’s ImageBank is used by advertising and communications agencies, HR and international partners.



Infinited Fiber Company




ImageBank DAM