Finnish Molok is a modern and efficient waste management solution. Their wide selection is adaptable to many needs. Over its nearly 30 years of operating, Molok Ltd. has expanded into an
international corporation whose products are known around the world. Their environment, expenses, and time saving system is used daily by millions of people around the world. The products are found in different housing cultures, over 150 000 units in total.

The aim of a centralised image bank solution for Molok was to reduce the hassle of sending heavy emails and the role of marketing as a gatekeeper for communication material.

Molok’s retailers are situated worldwide, and the company wanted to increase their proactivity in marketing. Now that up-to-date communication material have been centralised in a browser-based system, the retailers have direct access to it irrespective of time and place.

The solution has slowed down the constant emailing burden of the marketing. Now the marketing team has time to focus on keeping the material up-to-date and creating new marketing and sales campaigns.

Molok is also enthusiastic to develop their solution, and they have had their own features tailored into the product.






Image bank