Myllyn Paras is one of the Finland’s leading brands of milling and bakery products, owned by the Lantmännen Group. The brand Myllyn Paras sells flour, flakes, pasta and grits as well as frozen dough and pastries.

Myllyn Paras chose the ImageBank X DAM solution to help manage and distribute the material. The company’s ImageBank contains public material for media and partners, as well as material for internal use.

Azure AD (Active Directory) integration was implemented as a customised solution for Myllyn Paras. Single sign-on improves the usability of the system, as employees do not need to remember separate passwords – this also increases the utilisation of the data management software.

A functional and open ImageBank helps food retail marketing, as retailers can freely access our public product images from our ImageBank. Image packages created for the media have made it easier for us to promote our new products. Users are familiar with the process of selecting images to their shopping cart and sending them forward, without the need for separate training on how to use the ImageBank.
Johanna Kemppinen
Marketing Director

Myllyn Paras




ImageBank + Azure AD