The YTK Unemployment Fund is the largest and most popular unemployment fund in Finland. It already has more than 500 000 members – equivalent to well over 20 % of Finland’s wage earners.

YTK Working Life Services are provided by YTK Working Life Association (formerly YTK Association), one of the largest associations in Finland. YTK Working Life Services helps nearly 250 000 Finns, inspiring and enabling them in the turning points of working life.

YTK chose ImageBank to facilitate material management.

Single Sign-On Azure AD integration allows staff to access the ImageBank without logging into a separate application.

YTK’s ImageBank DAM solution also has a special feature for data storage – using the CMEK feature provided by Google Cloud, Mediasignal configures and manages the key used to encrypt ImageBank data. This allows ImageBank data to be more secure than usual, enabling ImageBank to meet even the most stringent information security requirements.






ImageBank + Azure AD + Google Cloud CMEK